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A sideways view of tech innovations

Posted by Pete McBreen 21 May 2023 at 03:48

Adam Kotsko had a great poll on tech innovations

Twitter poll scores

All seem to have been enabled by plentiful vulture capital money that seeks to monopolize part of the world.

  • Illegal cab company – with enough money and backing, local authorities cannot enforce the taxi and employment regulations against a massive company
  • Illegal hotel chain – why go to the bother of actually owning a hotel when you can own the booking system and take a large cut of the revenue. Why follow any regulation when you can claim that you are just the booking service?
  • Fake money for criminals – the various blockchain technologies were a solution in search of a problem until the non-fungible token idea took off
  • Plagiarism machine – automated copy-remix-paste, also known as a stochastic parrot or predictive text on steroids with delusions of grandeur

Missing from list but should have been there

  • Weaponized gossip – creating ways to get your ideas out to as many people as possible to create more discord and violence
  • Selling personal data for profit – now you can really target your advertisements
  • Gigs for all - profits to the corporations, avoid the hassles of minimum wage laws by using poorly paid “contractors”