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UML is Bloated?

Posted by Pete McBreen 16 May 2008 at 20:04

A nice article about the problems with UML, including the issue that it has an 800 page specification. In all 13 points are listed, some of which may be the reason that UML is not used much these days.

UML can still be useful for sketching out ideas on a whiteboard, but the way that most CASE tools operate it is hard to just sketch out ideas.

We Don't Know How To Program?

Posted by Pete McBreen 05 May 2008 at 20:03

One to ponder: We don’t know how to program

File this under the same category as Jack Reeves The source code is the design - Yes I know that is not quite the title for the article, but that has always been the way I think about this article. The actual title is “What Is Software Design?”

Paul Johnson points out that there is no real process for software development because most of it is design and nobody really has a process for that, since it occurs in the heads of the designers. I would also add that it also occurs in the conversations between designers and other people, because sometimes it is external ideas that spark great designs.

Overall though there is no process, and just like other design disciplines, software development is best learned through apprenticeship to a great designer.